The Kuali OLE Purchasing and Accounts Payable module includes several e-docs to help your institution manage its procurement processes. Kuali OLE users may initiate Requisition e-docs to request that orders be placed for goods or services. Fully approved Requisition e-docs are then processed by departmental staff and then become purchase orders (POs). Under certain conditions (specified by your institution's business rules in Kuali OLE), fully approved requisitions may become POs automatically without any additional processing.

Each PO is an official request for goods or services to a specified vendor for an agreed-upon cost. After goods are delivered or services rendered, Kuali OLE allows for the processing of vendor invoices through the Payment Request e-doc, which applies full or partial payment against a PO. Credits received from vendors may also be processed on a Credit Memo e-doc. Both payments and credit memos may then be applied to outstanding invoices when payment is due.

Purchasing and Accounts Payable e-docs are accessible from the Select/Acquire tab.

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