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A loan consists of identifying a patron and then creating temporary links to the item(s) being loaned to the patron. The Loan interface allows for staff to circulate materials to patrons.

  1. Once you have opened the Loan interface, enter the Patron Barcode and press Enter or search for it from the lookup . If you search for a patron record from the lookup, the resulting display will show a Return Value link to the left of each patron. Click on that link to populate the patron field on the Loan screen. Press Enter.

  2. Once the patron barcode is entered, details about the patron will appear above the Patron field. If there is a block on the patron or some other problem, then an error message will appear. You may need to access the patron record to address the error or, in some cases an override is permitted for you to continue.

    If text exists in a user note field in the patron record, this message displays immediately whenever the patron’s barcode is scanned into the system. (The purpose is to be able to deliver a message to the patron in person.) The operator has the option to acknowledge and delete the message or simply acknowledge -- in the latter case, the message remains and continues to display each time the patron barcode is entered until the text is removed.

  3. Enter the Item Barcode or search for it from the lookup .

  4. Press Enter

    OLE will calculate the due date and time and update the item status to "Loaned". This information displays in the Current Session Item(s) section of the screen. A sound will notify staff of successful check-outs or alert them of issues to address (provided the sound parameter AUDIO_OPTION is turned on and your computer has speakers).

    When loaning an item to a patron, an alert may appear to inform you of any problems based on local configurations settings. OLE provides a pop up screen to assist staff to correct these errors and/or override them so that the loan can proceed.

  5. If the patron has presented more than one item to borrow, enter the next item barcode and press Enter. Each new item checked-out will appear at the top of the Current Session Item(s) list.

  6. Clear the patron information to prepare for the next patron.


Each Circulation Location also defines a timeout interval which has the same effect as manually ending a session. This can be locally configured.

You will notice that there are a row of buttons available at the top of the Loan Screen. These are explained below

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