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Patron bills for overdue fines and replacement fees are generated automatically by the system through check-in and renewal transactions using information from loan transaction records, calculated based on information from the Circulation Policy Set governing the loan, and sent to patrons using their preferred delivery method. Patron bill information is stored in the system; the formatted bill as delivered to the patron is not. Operators can also manually create patron bills.

You may alternatively access Patron Bills via the Patron search screen.

Patron bills for replacement and other fees can also be created manually by duly authorized operators using locally-defined fee types, e.g., rentals, copying, etc. and then be delivered to patrons. To do so, click Create Bill on the Patron search screen.


To pay a patron bill, you must click Patron Bill from the Patron Lookup Screen. For information about paying the bill, see Patron Bill.

The Patron Bill Section allows users to include a date and note of when the payment was recorded.

Patron Bill Section Tabs Definitions




Required. Date a payment was recorded.

Text Note

Free text field to enter information regarding the payment transaction

The Fee Type Section tab contains the fee information pertaining to the bill. When adding lines to Fee Type Section, enter information and then select the add button.

Fee Type Section Tabs Definitions



Fee Type

Required. Choose the fee type from the drop down list. Examples include Overdue, Replacement and Service but these may be locally configured.

Fee Amount

Required. Enter the monetary amount for any individual fee.

Item Barcode

Enter the item barcode for the loaned item liable for an overdue fine or replacement fee or search for it from the Item lookup .

Payment Status

Choose the status of the payment from the drop down list.


Optional. Enter a note about the fee.

Once the fee has been added, the Details can be expanded to see the title, author and other pertinent information about the item.

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