OLE allows you to add or modify certain data elements on an approved Purchase Order via a Purchase Order Amendment.  By so doing, the system creates a new version of the e-Doc called a Purchase Order Amendment (POA) that can be independently processed or routed.  The POA then serves as the new version of the purchase order and will be transmitted to the Vendor.

Purchase Order Amendments are created:

When you amend a PO, the system creates a PO Amend (POA) document based on the existing PO. Enter a reason when initiating the amendment. When the amendment is submitted, the fiscal officer receives an FYI. This is his or her notification that the order has changed.

Once you supply a reason, OLE will display the Purchase Order, and allow you to change almost any field.  (In OLE, accounting lines cannot be edited in the PO Amendment process, but can be changed during the payment request process, except for new lines.)   

If you add titles to the Purchase Order or change prices, click the button at the bottom of the screen.

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