OLE uses the Offset Generation table inherited from KFS to generate appropriate offsets for transactions. This table indicates the object code used in offset generation, based on the transaction's chart, fiscal year, document type, and the balance type it affects. Offsets are generated automatically by a OLE e-doc or in 'Scrubber' during GL processing (i.e. batch jobs).

Normally, offsets are applied to the same account as the transaction that generated the offset. But OLE has a flexible offset feature that allows institutions to have offset entries applied to different accounts. This OLE feature includes two functions:

This option allows OLE to redirect offset entries for an account to another specified account. It allows OLE to accommodate tracking offsets such as cash or liabilities in central designated accounts as opposed to tracking such offset entries in every account. The Offset Account document identifies the offset account for an object code and account number combination.

If the offsets by account option is enabled within the parameter USE_FLEXIBLE_OFFSET_IND, OLE goes through a special process in e-docs and in 'Scrubber' during GL processing to determine the account that the offsets should be made to for a given transaction.

When the flexible offsets function is enabled, generation of offsets on e-docs occurs as follows:

Generation of offsets in 'Scrubber' when the flexible offsets function is enabled occurs as follows:

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