The Licensing process in OLE includes a back and forth negotiating process between the licensing institution and the electronic resource vendor to set the final terms of the license contract. This is intended to be completed whenever appropriate during the electronic resource acquisition process. OLE will store notes, data and attached documents from this licensing period in an electronic document, or e-doc, called a License Request.

Licensing workflows are a variable part of the electronic acquisitions process. Some resources do not require a license at all and can be used within the guidelines of copyright law, while others require extensive negotiation of business and licensing terms. In general, the licensing process consists of:

  • Requesting a standard license from a publisher for a resource

  • Assigning the license to a “shepherd” or license owner

  • Comparing the license with standard requirements established by the institution and/or library

  • Back and forth negotiation with the publisher / library administration to modify license language if necessary.

  • If approval, final signatures from both parties.

  • Storing final license document (generally a PDF) in OLE.

  • Coding machine-readable interpretation of license terms in OLE via a license editor (will be stored as ONIX-PL in the Doctor). Note that this final step is planned for a future release.

The documents and workflows in the Licensing sub-module will allow authorized users to gather information on available terms, store reference materials from providers, track and record external communications or “events,” and trace internal reviews, approvals, and signatures/signed agreements.


In order to work efficiently in the system’s Licensing screens, you need to understand the basics of the user interface. For information and instructions on logging on and off, navigating, understanding the components of screens, and performing basic operations in the screens, see the OLE Basic Functionality and Key Concepts.

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