OLE Licensing utilizes e-documents and XML documents to store information about the Licensing process and all internal and external negotiations and communications. Initial OLE licensing will utilize:

  • E-Resource Record to initiate licensing workflows by auto-creating the License Request when requested.

  • License Request e-doc captures critical information and communication that takes place during vendor negotiations. It is used to create an institutional workflow for the license negotiation process.

    • Agreement Documents (title lists, sample contracts, signed license, etc.) are external files that can be attached to License Requests

  • ONIX-PL Agreement is used to record the interpreted terms of the license in a machine-readable format. Note that the Agreement is not available in the interface in 1.6, but the underlying infrastructure to import and store these documents has been created.

  • Maintenance Documents & Code Lists

A License Request might be initiated for acquisitions of new titles, renewals of existing titles, or making changes to previous Agreements (amendments). OLE 1.6 provides for a License Request generated from an E-Resource Record as part of the acquisitions process. Future releases may address licensing for Addendums, Renewals, and Trials in more detail.

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