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Load Reports provide users with access to information about the loads performed within OLE. The reports give information about how many successes and/or fails were counted and links to the purchase orders and bibliographic records that may have been created.

The following displays an example of a successful load.

If there were problems with the load, an additional tab, Load Failure Details will display the errors and the files will be available to you in the Notes and Attachments tab.

The following displays an example of a failed load.

Load Summary tab definition



Name of Load Profile

Reports the name of the Load Profile used during the import process

User ID

Reports who was logged in and performed the import


Reports the total amount of records imported along with the successes and fails

Name of File

Lists the MARC and EDI files processed during the import

No of POs Created

Reports the amount of Purchase Orders created

No of Bibs Created

Reports the amount of Bibliographic Records created

List of All POs

Links to the list of the Purchase Orders created

List of All Bibs

Links to the list of the Bibliographic Records created


Presents the description that was input on the Staff Upload page

Date of Load

System generated time stamp of when the import occurred

If any of the files have failed during the import process, the files will be attached under the Notes and Attachments tab.

Notes and Attachments tab definition



Posted Timestamp

Display only. The date and time the error record was loaded.


Display only. The name of the person who loaded the record into OLE

Note Text

A brief description as to why the file could not be imported.

Attached File

Click to download the file. Edit and re-load as appropriate.


You will need to use the Staff Upload interface to re-load records. Adding new files as a Notes and Attachments file will not load items into the DocStore.

  1. From the Load Summary Lookup page, optionally enter details about the file import and click the search button.  The system displays the search results in the same window or browser tab, below the search fields.

  2. Select the appropriate document listed under the Document Id to open the Acquisitions Batch Upload.

    The Load Summary contains details about each load.

  3. To view the purchase order, click the link List of All POs on the Load Summary tab. You may view and edit purchase orders from this list.


    To learn more about purchase orders, see Purchase Order.

  4. To view the bibliographic records, click the link List of All Bibs on the Load Summary tab. You may view and edit the bibliographic records from this list.


    To learn more about bibliographic records, see the Editor section in the Guide to Describe – DocStore and Editors. This and other OLE user guides are available for download from the OLE Documentation Portal.

  5. Review the Notes and Attachments tab for failed file uploads.

  6. Review the Route Log tab.


    For more information about the Route Log, see Route Log on the Guide to OLE Basic Functionality and Key Concepts.

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