The Disbursement Voucher (DV) document is used to issue payments to vendors using clearing/deposit accounts. The DV is used for recording the Advance Deposits or Prepayments to vendors, when titles or POs are unknown.

Making Prepay/Deposit Account arrangements work is a multi-step process and involves more than just the use of the Disbursement Voucher:

The DV document has several unique tabs—Payment Information, Accounting Lines, Contact Information, Special Handling, Foreign Draft, and Pre-Disbursement Processor Status—in addition to the standard financial transaction tabs.


For more information about the standard tabs, see Standard Tabs on the Guide to OLE Basic Functionality and Key Concepts.

In addition to the Document Overview and Accounting Lines tabs, Payment Information is always required.

  • The Payment Information tab contains information regarding the payee, invoice information and payment method.

The Payment Information tab contains important information such as the vendor lookup, invoiced amount, invoice date, invoice number, payment method, and check enclosure. This section must be completed for every DV document.

Payment Information tab definition



Vendor Alias Name

If you know the vendor's alias, enter the code in the box and click . This will prepopulate the Vendor address and information.

Payee ID

Required. Retrieve the payee ID from the Payee Lookup .

Payee Name

Display-only. After you select the payee ID from the Payee lookup , the system automatically fills in the name.

Address 1

Required. The first line of address to which the check should be mailed. The system fills in this information automatically but you may change it.

Address 2

Optional. Enter the second line of the address to which the check should be mailed.


Required. Enter the city to which the check should be mailed.


Required for US. Enter the state to which the check should be mailed.


Optional. Select the payee's country from the Country list.

Postal Code

Required for US. Enter the postal code to which the check should be mailed.

Invoiced Amount

Required. Enter the total amount due from the vendor's invoice.

Invoice Date

Required. Enter the invoice date from the vendor's invoice. The date can also be selected from the calendar .

Other Consideration

Optional. Check Enclosure: Refers to any documents related to the DV document that must accompany the check when it is mailed to the payee. Selecting the check box properly indicates that there is a form or other attachment that must accompany the check.

Invoice Number

Enter the invoice number from the vendor's invoice

Payment Method

Required. Select the method in which the payment should be made from the Payment Method list.

Deposit: This selection indicates the payment is for a Deposit Account. (This should not be used for DV documents. It should only be used on Invoice Type Documents.)

Check: This selection indicates a paper check in US dollars is to be issued.

Credit Card: This selection indicates the payment is to be charged to a procurement card.

Foreign Draft: This selection indicates that the payment is to be made in a foreign currency.

Wire Transfer: This selection indicates you wish to have the disbursement wired to the recipient.

The payee ID is required on the Payment Information tab. This identifies the person or business the disbursement is paid to. Payees must exist in the system in order to be selected on the disbursement voucher. OLE uses the Vendor table and the Customer Profiles setup in Pre-Disbursement Processor module for reference. If the payee already exists in the system, you can identify it by searching for it by using the Payee lookup.

The Contact Information tab is an optional tab that contains information only. When the DV document is first initiated, the Contact Name and the Campus Code default to those of the initiator's.

The Contact for a DV is typically the initiator, thus the contact information is typically the name, phone, and email address of the initiator.

Contact Information tab definition



Contact Name

Required. This field is pre-filled with the name of the document initiator but may be edited.


Required. Enter the contact person's phone number (including area code)

Email Address

Required. Enter the contact person's email address

Campus Code

Display-only. The code of the campus associated with the document's initiator, derived from the user's profile.

The Pre-Disbursement Processor Status tab displays information from the Pre-Disbursement Processor (PDP) so you can track the payment status and the status date.

Pre-Disbursement Processor Status tab definition



Pre-Disbursement Processor Status

Display-only. Displays the payment processing status from the Pre-Disbursement Processor (PDP).

PDP Extract Date

Display-only. The date when the disbursement voucher was extracted for payment processing by the PDP.

PDP Paid Date

Display-only. The date when the payment was disbursed by PDP.

PDP Cancellation Date

Display-only. The date when the payment was canceled within PDP.

Before creating the DV

Prepare a DV

Prepare Requisitions and Invoices

  1. As the material is received create requisitions and invoices in OLE. When creating invoices use payment method “deposit”. After adding the PO, click the details button on the current items tab. An additional accounting line will be available.

  2. Enter chart code, the deposit account, object code 8410 and add the amount matching the regular accounting line.

    As invoices are processed the amount in the deposit fund will decrease. The approver will need to monitor the fund balances to resolves variances and settle the account(s) as all deposit account funds are exhausted or the deposit period ends, whichever is defined as the end by the terms of the deposit agreement.

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