Donor records in OLE are not coordinated with the accounting strings on purchase order or invoice line items. This gives OLE libraries flexibility to track donors regardless of whether they have money associated with them or not.

OLE does has a simplified system of financial tracking connected to donor records, though. This is facilitated by adding Donor Amounts to the Donor record. This is purely for tracking purposes: all budgeting and payment functions are still done using the accounting system and invoices.

Donor Amounts only relate to the current fiscal year. At the beginning of each fiscal year, sites using this feature must go into each donor code and add any allocation for the new year.

If you add an amount to a Donor record, and then assign that Donor to PO line items, there are two screens that give you tracking information about encumbrances and expenditures:

This lookup is available from the Select & Acquire tab, Others submenu. Though it’s called “annual”, it can actually be run for any selected time period. The report may be run as often as desired. It does not include any financial tracking, only bibliographic information.

This example shows that between 1/1/14 and 6/30/14, the two listed titles were ordered using the donor code BRNO. Since the “status” field was left blank, all titles ordered in that time period are shown. The result set could be limited, though, by choosing a specific status (received, paid, both received and paid).

In future releases, this report will be enhanced with additional bibliographic data, and with hyperlinks from the results to the relevant records.

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