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The Project Code document is used to define an optional part of the accounting string that allows you to assign an identifier to particular transactions that might span multiple accounts. Because Project Code is not specific to an account it can be used to track project activity that is shared across multiple accounts within an organization or even across multiple organizations.

The use of this code allows individuals to run reports using the code and to get a listing of all revenues and expenditures that have been assigned to the project.

The Project Code document includes the Edit Project Code tab. The system automatically enters data into both the Old and New sections. Selected data fields are available for editing.

Edit Project Code tab definition



Project Code

Required. Enter the unique code to identify a project.

Project Name

Required. Enter the long descriptive name. The name appears on the Accounting Lines tab in financial documents as well as in searches and reports.

Project Manager Principal Name

Required. Enter the user ID of the person responsible for the project or search for it from the lookup

Project manager Name

The employee name matching the principal's name

Chart Code

Required. Enter the chart code associated with the organization assigned to the project code, or search for it from the Chart lookup .

Organization Code

Required. Enter the organization code associated with the project code, or search for it from the Organization lookup .


While project code is assigned to a chart and organization code, it can be used in conjunction with accounts from other charts and organizations.

Project Desciption

Required. Enter the text description describing the purpose of the project Code.

Income Budget Elimination Object Code

The default object code for income on system-generated Transfer of Funds documents, such as those generated by a Budget Adjustment document between two accounts with different income stream accounts. Existing income object codes may be retrieved from the lookup .

Active Indicator

Optional. Select the check box if the project code is active. Clear the check box if it is inactive.

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