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The Function Control document defines the different types of Financial System Function Control codes that may be activated for a given fiscal year on the Fiscal Year Function Control table. Both Function Code and Fiscal Year Function Control relate to budget construction.

Function Control Code tab definition




ndicates if the budget adjustment document is active for a fiscal year


Indicates if base budget adjustments can be performed for a fiscal year


Activates budget construction for a given year


Enables the KFS to accept the budget construction genesis process


Controls the ability to make updates to budget construction data


Enables the updating of the calculated salary foundation (CSF)


Enables OLE to accept synchronization data from the PeopleSoft HR system for budget construction

The Function Control Code document includes the Edit Function Control Code tab. The system automatically enters data into both the Old and New sections. Selected data fields are available for editing.

Edit Function Control Code tab definition



Financial System Function Control Code

The code that uniquely identifies the function control value.

Financial System Function Default Indicator

Selection of this box indicates that the default value is active. Removal of the check in this box deactivates the code.

Financial System Function Description

The text description associated with the function control code.

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