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The Offset Definition document establishes the types of offset entries that the OLE GL generates for each document type, as part of the batch process. When a generated offset is required, the document type, fiscal year, and chart code of the transaction are matched to these offset definition entries. The offsetting transaction is built using the balance type and object code in the Offset Definition table. The Offset Definition table is used by the Scrubber process.

The Offset Definition document includes the Edit Offset Definition tab. The system automatically enters data into both the Old and New sections. Selected data fields are available for editing.

Edit Offset Definition tab definition



University Fiscal Year

The fiscal year for this offset definition.

Chart Code

The chart code applicable to this offset definition.

Document Type Code

The document type name applicable to this offset definition.

Balance Type Code

The balance type code used in the offset entry generated by the OLE GL process.

Oject Code

Required. The object code used in the offsetting entry generated by the OLE GL process. Existing object codes may be retrieved from the lookup

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