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PDP functions in OLE will continue to be reviewed with Select & Acquire teams as we continue to build and modify KFS functionality.

The Pre-Disbursement Processor (or PDP) receives data from systems that need to make disbursements and outputs a data file that can be sent to a check writer or formatted and sent to a bank for Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct deposits. It can also generate ledger entries when appropriate, such as relieving liabilities when making a disbursement against an OlE Payment Request document.

Files for processing can be created from OLE e-docs (such as the Disbursement Voucher or the Payment Request) or can be manually uploaded. The systems that provide these files are referred to as PDP customers. Checks and ACH deposits can be formatted in various ways before being outputted depending on the specifications of those customers.

This section covers user-initiated activities that relate to the PDP.

Through selections in the Pre-Disbursement Processor submenu on the Maintenance Menu, users maintain a number of PDP attributes and perform other operations pertaining to the PDP.

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