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The Accounting Change Code document is used to edit the name associated with an existing accounting change code. Accounting change codes are used to identify problems that the PDP detects in the accounting entries on payment records. If the PDP cannot validate the accounting string for an uploaded payment against the Chart of Accounts, it drops all the accounting values and replaces them with the default accounting string defined by that PDP customer.

When the system makes this change, it also generates an error email and sends it to the customer. The Accounting Change Code is specified in the e-mail to indicate the kind of problem the PDP encountered when trying to verify the payment's accounting string. The change code is also displayed in the Account Detail section of the Payment Detail Inquiry.

Because the PDP is hard-coded to check the validity of certain accounting fields, users cannot add new codes to this table via a maintenance document. To make the PDP detect and report different types of accounting change codes, programming changes are required. Names associated with the programmatically defined codes can be modified, however, if different values are more meaningful for your institution.

The default values are:

Only users with the OLE-SYS Operations role may create Accounting Change Code documents. These documents do not route for approval.

The Accounting Change Code document includes the Accounting Change Code tab. The system automatically enters data into both the Old and New sections. Selected data fields are available for editing.

Accounting Change Code tab definition



Accounting Change Code

Display-only. Displays the unique code that identifies this particular accounting change.

Accounting Change Name

Required. Enter a name that accurately describes this accounting change.

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