This guide provides information about using Select and Acquire functions.The Select and Acquire module encompasses selection, purchasing, receiving, and payment for all library materials, both print and electronic.  Full financial and budgeting structures, batch importing of vendor and bibliographic recors, and tools supporting the lifecycle of electronic recourses are incorporated in the module.

This guide is organized to follow the layout of the Select/Acquire tab followed by the Licensing tab. Please note there is a slight difference in Select/Acquire documentation. To follow the workflow, the documentation covers Order, Paying, Receiving and then returns to addressing each submenu in columns.

  • Order provides access to the requisitions, purchase orders, and the order holding queue. Users initiate requisitions which become purchase orders sent to vendors.

  • Paying provides access to invoices and credit memos. Users are able to invoice vendors or receive money back via the credit memo.

  • Receiving provides access to mongraphic and serial receiving.

  • Fund allows users to manage library funds.

  • Acquisition provides access to search and edit payment requests, create general error corrections and disbursement vouchers, and search and edit E-Resources.

  • Chart of Accounts contains the maintenance documents associated with the chart of accounts documents.

  • Lookup and Maintenance provides access to the chart of accounts documents: accounts, subaccounts, organizations, objects and subobjects.

  • Vendor provides access to vendor records as well as to search bibliographic records and acquisition documents.

  • Vendor (2nd submenu) contains the maintenance documents associated with the vendor document.

  • Import provides access to import batch marc and vendor files and view reports of these loads.

  • Purchasing/Accounts Payable contains the maintenance documents associated with ordering, paying, receiving, and e-resources as well as general ledger entry and available balances lookups.

On the Licensing tab:

  • Licensing provides access to the license request document.

  • Licensing Admin contains the maintenance documents associated with license requests.

  • Agreement Admin contains the maintenance documents associated with agreements.

These sections are divided into subsections covering individual functions. For each function, the applicable subsection presents a breadcrumb trail showing how to access the function and information on the layout and fields on the related screen(s). As appropriate, some subsections include business rules and routing information for e-docs and/or special instructions for performing activities.


In order to work efficiently in the system’s Select/Acquire and Licensing screens, you need to understand the basics of the user interface. For information and instructions on logging on and off, navigating, understanding the components of screens, and performing basic operations in the screens, see the OLE Basic Functionality and Key Concepts.

This guide as well as guides to other OLE modules are available for download from the OLE Documentation Portal.


Bookmark any page within OLE.  This will allow you to easily navigate back to an interface or e-doc in one click, just log in.

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