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The Bibliographic (Bib) Editor may be accessed through other menu items listed below the Describe submenu as well as through the edit or create new buttons in transactional line items of Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Receiving, etc. or by clicking on the record title in the Search Workbench.

The following data fields are required, at a minimum:

  1. Data Fields (also known as variable fields) must have a three-digit numeric tag and values in both indicator positions (blanks are allowed).  Variable fields 01X through 8XX must start with a delimiter and a subfield code (a letter or number) and include some text in the body of the field. If no subfield code is entered, a subfield code (|a) will be added to the edited field when the bibliographic record is submitted.

  2. Indicators may be blank. A blank can be entered by either

    Once the “ Submit ” button has been pressed, any blank indicators will display as a pound (#) sign.

  3. The delimiter character used in OLE is the pipe (|).

  4. Except for the initial subfield code, subfield codes should be preceded and followed by a space (e.g. <space>|b<space>).

  5. Enter the data field information. Click to add additional data fields. A data field left blank will be removed once the Submit button has been clicked.

  6. To remove a data field, click the button.

  7. Click .

    OLE will save and redisplay the record.

  8. Click to cancel the edits and return to your original screen. A browser window will open stating:

    This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved.

    Clicking Leave Page will take you to the search screen. Clicking Stay on Page will keep you at the Bib Editor screen but does not remove edits.

  9. Click to cancel the edits and close the window.

  10. If you submit an invalid record, OLE will display an error message.

  11. On the left navigation panel, click the first top level plus sign to add an OLE Holdings records.

    Click the second top level plus sign to add an OLE E-Holdings records.


    For more information about the OLE E-Holding Editor, see E-Holding Editor

    Right click on the call number or the word "Holdings" to delete a holdings record or add an item record.


    On the Delete confirmation screen, be sure that the record you want to delete is highlighted in the left panel. Otherwise you may delete the wrong record. If the record is not displayed, scroll in the navigation panel.

    Click the top level to delete the current bibliographic record.

OLE provides hyperlinks for Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) that are contained in MARC data fields of the Bibliographic Editor. This gives the user an efficient means to test the validity of a URI, directly from the MARC record.

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