This guide provides information about using Describe and Manage functions. The Describe and Manage Module strives to achieve two goals:

This guide is organized to follow the layout of the Describe tab.

  • The first section provides explanations of cataloging functions: the workbench, bound-withs, import single bibliographic records, record editors, transfer and browse the catalog.

  • The second section presents information related to cataloging administration: maintenance documents (documents that control database tables) associated with cataloging.

These sections are divided into subsections covering individual functions. For each function, the applicable subsection presents a breadcrumb trail showing how to access the function and information on the layout and fields on the related screen(s). As appropriate, some subsections include business rules and routing information for e-docs and/or special instructions for performing activities.


In order to work efficiently in the system’s Deliver screens, you need to understand the basics of the user interface. For information and instructions on logging on and off, navigating, understanding the components of screens, and performing basic operations in the screens, see OLE Basic Functionality and Key Concepts.

This guide as well as guides to other OLE modules are available for download from the OLE Documentation Portal.


Bookmark any page within OLE.  This will allow you to easily navigate back to an interface or e-doc in one click, just log in.

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