Package org.kuali.rice.core.api.impex.xml

Interface Summary
XmlDoc Interface describing an abstract XML document source
XmlDocCollection Interface describing an abstract XML document source collection
XmlExporterService A service which can export data to XML.
XmlIngesterService A service which is responsible for iterating through a list of xml documents or collections of xml documents and ingesting them into the workflow engine.

Class Summary
CompositeXmlDocCollection In someway allows muliple xml documents to be pushed into the xml loading 'pipeline'.
DirectoryXmlDocCollection An XmlDocCollection backed by a directory of XML files
FileXmlDoc An XmlDoc implementation backed by a physical XML File
FileXmlDocCollection A "singleton" XmlDocCollection backed by a single File (FileXmlDoc)
StreamXmlDoc Stream-based XML doc.
XmlConstants Constants for various XML namespaces, elements and attributes for the various parsers.
ZipXmlDocCollection For uploading zip files full of xml goodness.

Exception Summary
XmlIngestionException A RuntimeException which indicates a problem during XML ingestion.

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