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Uses of EmailTo in org.kuali.rice.core.api.mail

Methods in org.kuali.rice.core.api.mail with parameters of type EmailTo
 void Mailer.sendEmail(EmailFrom from, EmailTo to, EmailSubject subject, EmailBody body, boolean htmlMessage)

Uses of EmailTo in org.kuali.rice.core.mail

Methods in org.kuali.rice.core.mail with parameters of type EmailTo
 void MailerImpl.sendEmail(EmailFrom from, EmailTo to, EmailSubject subject, EmailBody body, boolean htmlMessage)
          Send an email to a single recipient with the specified subject and message.

Uses of EmailTo in org.kuali.rice.kew.mail.service.impl

Methods in org.kuali.rice.kew.mail.service.impl that return EmailTo
protected  EmailTo ActionListEmailServiceImpl.getEmailTo(Person user)

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