Interface MutableInactivatable

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All Known Subinterfaces:
CampusEbo, CampusTypeEbo, ComponentEbo, CountryEbo, CountyEbo, InactivatableFromTo, KualiCode, NamespaceEbo, ParameterTypeEbo, PostalCodeEbo, StateEbo
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Address, Author, BookType, BSAddressType, DocumentType, InactivatableFromToImpl, KualiCodeBase, RuleTemplateAttributeBo, TravelAccountUseRate

public interface MutableInactivatable
extends Inactivatable

This interface is used to tag business objects as inactivateable, so that the framework will automatically handle special processing related to active indicator, e.g. default active indicator to active on new or copy, have a show/hide inactive and hide inactive by default for collections in maintenance documents, display active indicator in the search criteria and result set for lookups and default the search criteria field to active

Method Summary
 void setActive(boolean active)
          Sets the record to active or inactive.
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void setActive(boolean active)
Sets the record to active or inactive.

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