Interface Summary
ConfigParser Deprecated. only used by ConfigParserImplConfig which is deprecated

Class Summary
ConfigInitializer This initializes a config object into the ConfigContext as a root config or merges a config object into an already initialized root config
ConfigLogger Logs information about the configuration at the DEBUG level.
ConfigParserImpl Deprecated. This is an old hand-rolled Rice configuration parser which has since been replaced by the superior JAXBConfigImpl.
ConfigParserImplConfig Deprecated. We need to retrofit PluginConfig to JAXBConfig, or eliminate along with old KEW plugin architecture
ConfigPropertyFactoryBean A FactoryBean which reads the value of the specified config parameter name and returns it.
JAXBConfigImpl This implementation of the Config interface uses JAXB to parse the config file and maintains an internal copy of all properties in their "raw" form (without any nested properties resolved).

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