Package org.kuali.rice.core.impl.impex.xml

Interface Summary
XmlDigesterService A service which is responsible for digesting (by delegating to other target services) an xml document loaded at runtime.

Class Summary
ClassLoaderEntityResolver Internal workflow EntityResolver which resolves system ids with the "resource:" prefix to ClassLoader resources TODO: maybe prefix should be changed from "resource:" to "internal:" or just "workflow:" given that it can be resolved in arbitrary ways other than ClassLoader "resources"
XmlDigesterServiceImpl XmlDigesterService implementation.
XmlExporterServiceImpl An implementation of the XmlExporterService which can be configured with a set of services that know how to export various pieces of the ExportDataSet to XML.
XmlImpexRegistryImpl TODO
XmlIngesterServiceImpl XmlIngesterService implementation which delegates to XmlDigesterService.

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