Package org.kuali.rice.core.impl.util.spring

Class Summary
AnnotationAndNameMatchingTransactionAttributeSource Classes are not considered for name matching, if they do not have the specified annotation on the class or method.
ClassOrMethodAnnotationFilter Matches if the annotation specified during construction is present on the class or any of methods returned by class.getMethods().
ClassOrMethodAnnotationMatcher Matches if the specified annotation is present on the targetClass or if it is present on the most specific method on the target class corresponding to the method specified, as defined by AopUtils.
ClassOrMethodAnnotationPointcut Wrapper for ClassOrMethodAnnotationFilter and ClassOrMethodAnnotationMatcher that are based on the anotation type specified during construction.
RiceJotmFactoryBean Specialization of the old Spring JotmFactoryBean which calls TimerManager.stop() to stop Jotm threads on destruction.

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