Package org.kuali.rice.edl.impl.components

Class Summary
AnnotationComponent EDL pipeline component that exposes annotations from the previous array of taken actions in the EDL to render.
AttributeEDLConfigComponent Populates workflow rule attributes associated with the current configElement.
BrowserHandler Handles setting the request browser type in the EDL XML.
EDLValidation Represents an EDocLite Validation that can be executed.
EstablishUserAction Handles establishing what action the user submitted.
GlobalAttributeComponent Executes validations and generates XML for workflow attributes that are defined on the EDL Definitions.
InstructionsEDLComponent This class makes xml for the instructions template of widgets.
JavascriptEDLComponent This class exists solely to propagate the javascript element content into the edl element of the dom destined to be transformed so the transform can include the specified javascript.
MatchingParam Convenience class for representing a request param with it's value and any associated errors.
NetworkIdWorkflowEDLConfigComponent Matches network ID param to UserService to validate network Id.
NoteConfigComponent Adds notes support to EDL
PageHandler Handles setting the current page in the EDL XML.
SelectControlEDLComponent Looks at a field definition for a select field and attempts to analyze and resolve any valuesGroups based on document data.
SimpleWorkflowEDLConfigComponent Matches request params to fields defined in edl configs.
UniversityIdWorkflowEDLConfigComponent Matches university ID param to UserService to validate universityId.
ValidationComponent Executes validations that are defined on the EDL Definitions.
VersioningPreprocessor Versions the data element if necessary by checking 'currentVersion' param on request.
WorkflowDocumentActions Used as a pre processor and post processor.
WorkflowDocumentState Generates document state based on the workflow document in session.
WorkgroupWorkflowEDLConfigComponent Looks up workgroup param to validate workgroup exists and is active.

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