Package org.kuali.rice.ken.service

Interface Summary
NotificationAuthorizationService The NotificationAuthorizationService class is responsible for housing permissions and authorization related services.
NotificationChannelService Service for accessing NotificationChannelBos
NotificationContentTypeService Service for accessing NotificationContentTypeBos
NotificationMessageContentService Notification Message Content service - handles parsing the notification XML message and also marshalling out BOs for the response.
NotificationMessageDeliveryAutoRemovalService Responsible for automatic removal of expired message deliveries
NotificationMessageDeliveryResolverService This class is responsible for the job that will actually resolve which recipients receive a notification for specific endpoints.
NotificationMessageDeliveryService The NotificationMessageDeliveryService class is responsible various functions regarding the NotificationMessageDelivery records that exist within the system.
NotificationRecipientService The NotificationRecipientService class is responsible for housing user/group related services.
NotificationService The NotificationService class is responsible for processing notification messages that come into the system.
NotificationWorkflowDocumentService The NotificationWorkflowDocumentService class is responsible for housing service methods for interacting with KEW.
UserPreferenceService Service for accessing user preferences in the KEN system.UserPreference

Class Summary
ProcessingResult Encapsulates the number of successes and failures in a giving processing run

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