Package org.kuali.rice.kew.actions

Interface Summary
ActionRegistry Maintains the registry of Workflow Actions.

Class Summary
AcknowledgeAction AcknowledegeAction records the users acknowledgement of a document
ActionRegistryImpl A simple implementation of an ActionRegistry which includes all of the default Workflow Actions.
ActionTakenEvent Super class containing mostly often used methods by all actions.
AdHocAction Responsible for creating adhoc requests that are requested from the client.
ApproveAction The ApproveAction records and processes an approve action.
BlanketApproveAction Does the sync work for blanket approves requested by client apps.
CancelAction Cancels a document at the request of a client app.
ClearFYIAction ClearFYIAction deactivates the user requests.
CompleteAction CompleteAction records and process a complete action The routeheader is first checked to make sure the action is valid for the document.
DisapproveAction Disapproves a document.
LogDocumentActionAction Simply records an action taken with an annotation.
MoveDocumentAction Returns a document to a previous node in the route.
NotificationContext Used to determine store notifications to be sent in the BlanketApproveEngine.
ReleaseWorkgroupAuthority This is the inverse of the TakeWorkgroupAuthority action.
ReturnToPreviousNodeAction Returns a document to a previous node in the route.
RevokeAdHocAction The RevokeAdHocApprove revokes the specified AdHoc requests.
RouteDocumentAction Action that puts the document in routing.
SaveActionEvent Saves a document.
SuperUserActionRequestApproveEvent Super user Approves a single action request.
SuperUserApproveEvent Does a super user approve action.
SuperUserCancelEvent performs a cancel action as a super user
SuperUserDisapproveEvent Performs a disapprove as a super user
SuperUserNodeApproveEvent Does a node level super user approve action.
SuperUserReturnToPreviousNodeAction Does a return to previous as a superuser
TakeWorkgroupAuthority Removes all workgroup action items for a document from everyone's action list except the person who took the workgroup authority

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