Package org.kuali.rice.kew.engine.node

Interface Summary
DynamicNode A Node type which can be used to dynamically generate a route path for a document.
JoinEngine The JoinEngine is responsible for maintaining join state and determining when the join condition has been satisfied.
JoinNode A node which is responsible for joining 1 or more branches in the route path of a document.
Node A marker interface for Nodes.
NodeMatcher Used when searching for nodes to determine whether a node "matches" the search criteria.
ProcessResult Interface for node processing results.
SimpleNode A simple Node implementation which is executed and returns a SimpleResult indicating whether or not the node has completed.
SplitNode An interface for a Split Node which allows for parallel branching of the route path within a document.
SubProcessNode A Node which represents the initiation of a sub process.

Class Summary
ActivationTypeEnum Activation Type enum type which defines the two types of activation within the engine.
BasicJoinEngine A basic implementation of the JoinEngine which handles join setup and makes determinations as to when a join condition has been satisfied.
Branch Represents a branch in the routing path of the document.
BranchPrototype Represents a Branch in the definition of a DocumentType.
BranchState A piece of state on a Branch stored as a key-value pair of Strings.
DynamicResult The result of the processing of a DynamicNode.
FYIByNetworkId Deprecated. Use NetworkIdRoleAttribute instead
FYIByUniversityId Deprecated. Use UniversityIdRoleAttribute instead
InitialNode A simple node which represents the initial node in the document.
IteratedRequestActivationNode A node which will iteratively activate any requests pending on it.
JoinResult The result of the processing of a JoinNode.
KRAMetaRuleNode Node that implements a KRAMetaRule, with multiple request/response phases
LogNode A node which Logs messages to Log4j.
NodeGraphContext The current context of a search process within a node graph.
NodeGraphSearchCriteria The criteria defining parameters to a search through a document's node graph.
NodeGraphSearchResult The result of a node graph search.
NodeJotter Logs RouteNodeInstance graphs in a format which is indented and easy to read.
NodeNameMatcher An implementation of a NodeMatcher which matches nodes based on the name of the node.
NodeState The state of a RouteNodeInstance represented as a key-value pair of Strings.
NodeType A typesafe enumeration defining the various types of Nodes in the Workflow Engine.
NoOpNode A SimpleNode implementation which does nothing.
ProcessDefinitionBo Represents a route path defined on a DocumentType.
PropertiesUtil A utility class for reading properties from a document.
RequestActivationNode A node which will activate any requests on it, returning true when there are no more requests which require activation.
RequestActivationNodeBase Abstract superclass for request activation node types
RequestsNode A node which generates ActionRequestValue objects from a RouteModule.
RoleNode A node implementation which provides integration with KIM Roles for routing.
RouteNode Represents the prototype definition of a node in the route path of DocumentType.
RouteNodeConfigParam A route node definition configuration parameter.
RouteNodeInstance Represents a materialized instance of a RouteNode definition on a DocumentRouteHeaderValue.
RouteNodeUtils A simple class for performing operations on RouteNode.
SimpleJoinNode A simple implementation of a JoinNode which indicates it is complete once all branches have joined.
SimpleResult The result of the execution of a SimpleNode.
SimpleSplitNode A simple SplitNode implementation which always splits to all branches that are defined for the split.
SimpleSubProcessNode A simple SubProcessNode implementation which is effectively a no-op.
SplitResult The result of the processing of a SplitNode.
State A KeyValuePair that adds an id fields that makes it sufficient for storing in a database.
SubProcessResult The result of the execution of a SubProcessNode.

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