Package org.kuali.rice.kew.engine

Interface Summary
WorkflowEngine Defines the contract to the core workflow engine.
WorkflowEngineFactory A factory that constructs new Workflow Engines.

Class Summary
ActivationContext Represents the current Activation context of the workflow engine
BlanketApproveEngine A WorkflowEngine implementation which orchestrates the document through the blanket approval process.
CompatUtils Provides utility methods for handling backwards compatibility between KEW releases.
EngineState Represents the current state of the workflow engine.
OrchestrationConfig Specifies configuration for orchestration through the engine.
ProcessContext Maintains context of the main processing loop of the workflow engine.
RouteContext Represents the current context of a Document being processed by the engine.
RouteHelper A helper class which provides some useful utilities for examining and generating nodes.
RoutingNodeFactory Provides factory methods for creating Branch objects and RouteNodeInstance object.
StandardWorkflowEngine The standard and supported implementation of the WorkflowEngine.
WorkflowEngineFactoryImpl An implementation of the WorkflowEngineFactory.

Enum Summary

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