Package org.kuali.rice.kew.web

Interface Summary
RowStyleable A row which is styleable with a CSS class.

Class Summary
AppSpecificRouteRecipient A bean for the web-tier when represents the recipient of an Ad Hoc request.
BootstrapFilter A filter which at runtime reads a series of filter configurations, constructs and initializes those filters, and invokes them when it is invoked.
DummyLoginFilter A login filter which forwards to a login page that allows for the desired authentication ID to be entered without the need for a password.
KewKualiAction This is a description of what this class does - ewestfal don't forget to fill this in.
KewRoutingKualiForm This is a description of what this class does - jjhanso don't forget to fill this in.
KeyValueSort A simple bean for storing key/value pairs that can be used for a number of tasks.
ShowHideTree A tree of boolean flags which represent the state of show/hide for the GUI.
UserLoginFilter A filter for processing user logins and creating a UserSession.
UserPreferencesFilter This class establishes and initializes the KEW Preferences after a user logs in.

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