Package org.kuali.rice.kew.xml

Class Summary
AbstractTransformationFilter This abstract class handles the xml stack of elements and makes it easier to run a transformation on certain elements.
ClassLoaderEntityResolver Internal workflow EntityResolver which resolves system ids with the "resource:" prefix to ClassLoader resources TODO: maybe prefix should be changed from "resource:" to "internal:" or just "workflow:" given that it can be resolved in arbitrary ways other than ClassLoader "resources"
CommonXmlParser Parsing routines for XML structures shared across parsers.
DocumentTypeXmlParser A parser for parsing an XML file into DocumentTypes.
GroupXmlParser Parses groups from XML.
RuleAttributeXmlParser Parses RuleAttributes from XML.
RuleExtensionXmlParser Parses RuleExtensionBos from XML.
RuleTemplateXmlParser Parses RuleTemplateBos from XML.
RuleXmlParser Parses rules from XML.
TestGroupNamespaceURIFilter This is a description of what this class does - eldavid don't forget to fill this in.
UserXmlParser Parses users from XML.

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