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Uses of EntityAffiliationTypeContract in

Classes in that implement EntityAffiliationTypeContract
 class EntityAffiliationType
static class EntityAffiliationType.Builder
          A builder which can be used to construct CodedAttribute instances.

Methods in that return EntityAffiliationTypeContract
 EntityAffiliationTypeContract EntityAffiliationContract.getAffiliationType()
          Gets this KimEntityAffiliation's type.

Methods in with parameters of type EntityAffiliationTypeContract
static EntityAffiliationType.Builder EntityAffiliationType.Builder.create(EntityAffiliationTypeContract contract)

Uses of EntityAffiliationTypeContract in

Subinterfaces of EntityAffiliationTypeContract in
 interface EntityAffiliationTypeEbo
          TODO: Likely should remove all methods from this interface after KULRICE-7170 is fixed

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