Interface Constraint

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
CollectionSizeConstrainable, CollectionSizeConstraint, DataTypeConstrainable, DataTypeConstraint, ExistenceConstrainable, ExistenceConstraint, LengthConstrainable, LengthConstraint, RangeConstrainable, RangeConstraint
All Known Implementing Classes:
AllowCharacterConstraint, AlphaNumericPatternConstraint, AlphaPatternConstraint, AnyCharacterPatternConstraint, AttributeDefinition, AttributeDefinitionBase, BaseConstraint, CaseConstraint, CharsetPatternConstraint, CollectionDefinition, ComplexAttributeDefinition, ConfigurationBasedRegexPatternConstraint, DatePatternConstraint, ExternalizableAttributeDefinitionProxy, FixedPointPatternConstraint, FloatingPointPatternConstraint, InputField, IntegerPatternConstraint, KimAttributeDefinition, LookupConstraint, LookupInputField, MustOccurConstraint, NumericPatternConstraint, PrerequisiteConstraint, SimpleConstraint, UTF8AnyCharacterPatternConstraint, ValidCharactersConstraint, ValidCharactersPatternConstraint, ValidDataPatternConstraint, WhenConstraint

public interface Constraint
extends Serializable

This is the marker interface for constraints. Constraints are a central concept in the Rice data dictionary validation, and are the primary mechanism by which the validation of an object or one of its attributes takes place. For example, by imposing a length constraint on an attribute of a business object, it's possible to indicate that only values shorter (or longer) than a specific number of characters are valid for that attribute. Any interface that extends Constraint is by definition a constraint, and may have one of the following defined: - A sub-interface for Constrainable that advises on how a constraint maps to data dictionary metadata - A ConstraintProvider that looks up constraints for a specific constrainable definition - A ConstraintProcessor that processes the constraint against some object value to determine if it is valid

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