Package org.kuali.rice.krad.datadictionary.validation.constraint

Interface Summary
CollectionSizeConstraint A collection size constraint is one that implements a maximum and minimum number of elements for a collection.
Constraint This is the marker interface for constraints.
DataTypeConstraint A data type constraint is one that enforces a specific data type for an object.
ExistenceConstraint An existence constraint is a constraint that requires (or does not require) that some non-empty value exist for this constrained object or field.
LengthConstraint Constraint that restricts the length of a string to some predefined maximum and/or minimum
RangeConstraint A range constraint that restricts a value to a specified range

Class Summary
AllowCharacterConstraint Parent abstract class that allows additional characters to be allowed in child constraint character sets, see AlphaNumericPatternConstraint, among others for example.
AlphaNumericPatternConstraint A ValidCharactersConstraint based on AlphaNumericValidationPattern.
AlphaPatternConstraint Pattern for matching alpha characters
AnyCharacterPatternConstraint Pattern for matching any printable character
BaseConstraint A class that implements the required accessor for label keys.
CaseConstraint CaseConstraint is imposed only when a certain condition is met
CharsetPatternConstraint Pattern for matching any character in the given list (String)
CommonLookup This class is a direct copy of one that was in Kuali Student.
CommonLookupParam This class is a direct copy of one that was in Kuali Student.
DatePatternConstraint DatePatternConstraint constrains a field to only allow dates which are part of the formats defined in the system.
FixedPointPatternConstraint TODO delyea don't forget to fill this in.
FloatingPointPatternConstraint Validation pattern for matching floating point numbers, optionally matching negative numbers
IntegerPatternConstraint TODO Administrator don't forget to fill this in.
LookupConstraint This class is a direct copy of one that was in Kuali Student.
LookupConstraintParamMapping This class is a direct copy of one that was in Kuali Student.
MustOccurConstraint Must occur constraints are constraints that indicate some range of acceptable valid results.
NumericPatternConstraint Pattern for matching numeric characters, difference between NumericPatternConstraint and IntegerPatternConstraint is that a numeric pattern constraint is for matching numeric characters and can be mixed with other characters by setting allow flags on, while integer is for only positive/negative numbers
PrerequisiteConstraint Prerequisite constraints require that some other attribute be non-empty in order for the constraint to be valid.
SimpleConstraint A simple constraint stores 'basic' constraints for a field.
UTF8AnyCharacterPatternConstraint Pattern for matching any printable character
ValidCharactersConstraint This is a constraint that limits attribute values to some subset of valid characters or to match a particular regular expression.
ValidCharactersPatternConstraint This abstract class extends from ValidCharactersConstraint.
ValidDataPatternConstraint Class used to
WhenConstraint WhenConstraint is a child of a CaseConstraint

Enum Summary

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