Package org.kuali.rice.krad.datadictionary.validation

Data Dictionary validation objects.


Interface Summary
AttributeValueReader AttributeValueReader defines classes that encapsulate access to both dictionary metadata and object field values

Class Summary
BaseAttributeValueReader A class that implements the required accessors and legacy processing for an attribute value reader.
CharacterLevelValidationPattern Deprecated.
DictionaryObjectAttributeValueReader This class allows a dictionary object to expose information about its fields / attributes, including the values of those fields, with some guidance from the DataDictionaryEntry object.
FieldLevelValidationPattern Deprecated.
SingleAttributeValueReader This class allows a single attribute value to be exposed to the validation service, along with some guidance about how that value should be interpreted, provided by the AttributeDefinition that corresponds.
ValidationPattern Deprecated.
ValidationUtils ValidationUtils provides static utility methods for validation processing
ViewAttributeValueReader AttributeValueReader which can read the correct values from all InputFields which exist on the View

Enum Summary
ErrorLevel Enum inherited from the Kuali Student project to track error levels in validation.
ValidationUtils.Result defines possible result values of a comparison operation

Exception Summary
ValidationPattern.ValidationPatternException exception thrown when a ValidationPattern is in an incorrect state.

Package org.kuali.rice.krad.datadictionary.validation Description

Data Dictionary validation objects.

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