Package org.kuali.rice.krad.datadictionary.validation.processor

Interface Summary
CollectionConstraintProcessor<T extends Collection<?>,C extends Constraint> CollectionConstraintProcessor is a marker interface for 'collection constraint processors'
ConstraintProcessor<T,C extends Constraint> ConstraintProcessor must be implemented by constraint processors, which validate individual constraints in the data dictionary

Class Summary
BasePrerequisiteConstraintProcessor<C extends Constraint>  
CaseConstraintProcessor CaseConstraintProcessor processes 'case constraints', which are constraints that are imposed only in specific cases
CollectionSizeConstraintProcessor This class validates attributes that are collection size constrained - ones that can only have between x and y number
DataTypeConstraintProcessor DataTypeConstraintProcessor processes constraints of type DataTypeConstraint
MandatoryElementConstraintProcessor<C extends Constraint> This abstract class can be extended by constraint processor classes that must be processed on every validation.
OptionalElementConstraintProcessor<C extends Constraint>  
RangeConstraintProcessor RangeConstraintProcessor enforces range constraints - that is, constraints that keep a number or a date within a specific range
SimpleConstraintProcessor Processor for simple constraint which takes out each constraining value it contains and calls the appropriate processor
ValidCharactersConstraintProcessor This class defines a constraint processor to ensure that attribute values are constrained to valid characters, as defined by some regular expression.

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