Package org.kuali.rice.krad.maintenance

Interface Summary
Maintainable Provides contract for implementing a maintenance object within the maintenance framework
MaintenanceDocument Common interface for all maintenance documents.
MaintenanceDocumentAuthorizer Authorizer class for MaintenanceDocument instances

Class Summary
MaintainableImpl Default implementation of the Maintainable interface
MaintenanceDocumentAuthorizerBase Default implementation for MaintenanceDocumentAuthorizer that perform KIM permission checks to authorize the actions
MaintenanceDocumentBase Document class for all maintenance documents which wraps the maintenance object in a Maintainable that is also used for various callbacks
MaintenanceLock List of business objects that this maintenance document is locking (prevents two documents from being routed trying to update the same object) Most maintenance documents have only one lock, but globals have many
MaintenanceUtils Provides static utility methods for use within the maintenance framework
MaintenanceViewAuthorizerBase Implementation of ViewAuthorizer for MaintenanceView instances
MaintenanceViewPresentationControllerBase Implementation of ViewPresentationController for MaintenanceView instances

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