Package org.kuali.rice.krad.service.impl

Core service implementations.


Class Summary
AttachmentServiceImpl Attachment service implementation
BusinessObjectServiceImpl This class is the service implementation for the BusinessObjectService structure.
ConfigurationServiceImpl ConfigurationService implementation which is a thin wrapper over the core Config object, and which merges in Kuali message resource properties.
DataDictionaryComponentPublisherServiceImpl Reference implementation of the DataDictionaryComponentPublisherService.
DataDictionaryRemoteFieldServiceImpl Implementation of the DataDictionaryRemoteFieldService service
DataDictionaryServiceImpl Service implementation for a DataDictionary.
DataObjectAuthorizationServiceImpl Implementation of DataObjectAuthorizationService that uses the configured AttributeSecurity for a field to determine authorization checks that need to be performed
DictionaryValidationServiceImpl Validates Documents, Business Objects, and Attributes against the data dictionary.
DocumentAdHocServiceImpl Implementation for DocumentAdHocService
DocumentDictionaryServiceImpl Implementation of DocumentDictionaryService which reads configuration from the data dictionary
DocumentHeaderServiceImpl This is an implementation of DocumentHeaderService that facilitates document header management and customization
DocumentSerializerServiceImpl Default implementation of the DocumentSerializerService.
DocumentServiceImpl Service implementation for the Document structure.
InactivateableFromToServiceImpl Implementation of InactivateableFromToService that uses the lookup service for query implementation
InactivationBlockingDetectionServiceImpl Performs checking of inactivation blocking
InactivationBlockingDisplayServiceImpl This is a description of what this class does - wliang don't forget to fill this in.
KeyValuesServiceImpl This class provides collection retrievals to populate key value pairs of business objects.
KFSModuleServiceImpl Module service that adds support for the kfs Step class.
KRADModuleService Module service implementation for the Rice KRAD module
KualiExceptionIncidentServiceImpl This is a basic implementation of the KualiReporterService.
KualiRuleServiceImpl This class represents a rule evaluator for Kuali.
LookupServiceImpl Service implementation for the Lookup structure.
MaintenanceDocumentServiceImpl Service implementation for the MaintenanceDocument structure.
ModuleServiceBase This class implements ModuleService interface.
NoteServiceImpl This class is the service implementation for the Note structure.
PersistenceServiceImpl This class is the service implementation for the Persistence structure.
PersistenceServiceJpaImpl This class is the service implementation for the Persistence structure.
PersistenceServiceOjbImpl This class is the service implementation for the Persistence structure.
PersistenceStructureServiceImpl This class is now a proxy, which uses the @Entity annotation to decide whether to use the JPA or OJB underlying services to perform an action.
PessimisticLockServiceImpl This is a service implementation for pessimistic locking
PostProcessorServiceImpl This class is the postProcessor for the Kuali application, and it is responsible for plumbing events up to documents using the built into the document methods for handling route status and other routing changes that take place asyncronously and potentially on a different server.
SerializerServiceBase Default implementation of the DocumentSerializerService.
SessionDocumentServiceImpl Implementation of SessionDocumentService that persists the document form contents to the underlying database
ViewValidationServiceImpl Implementation of Validation service for views, uses the same validation mechanisms as DictionaryValidationService but uses a different AttributeValueReader to get the correct information from InputFields - which include any AttributeDefinition defined attributes, if defined and not overriden
XmlObjectSerializerServiceImpl This class is the service implementation for the XmlObjectSerializer structure.

Package org.kuali.rice.krad.service.impl Description

Core service implementations.

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