Package org.kuali.rice.krad.uif.component

Interface Summary
Component Component defines basic properties and methods that all rendering element implement
Configurable Marks any class that can be configured through the UIF dictionary
DataBinding Components that bind to a model (hold model data) should implement this interface
Ordered Extends Ordered interface to add setter for the order property
ScriptEventSupport Declares methods for retrieving the event script code

Class Summary
BindingInfo Provides binding configuration for an DataBinding component (attribute or collection)
ComponentBase Base implementation of Component which other component implementations should extend
ComponentSecurity Component security is used to flag permissions that exist in KIM for various component state (like edit and view)
ConfigurableBase Implementation of Configurable that contains a Map of initally configured expressions and a Map of expressions that need to be evaluated
MethodInvokerConfig Extends MethodInvoker to add properties for specifying a method for invocation within the UIF
PropertyReplacer Configuration for replacing a property value based on a condition

Annotation Types Summary
ClientSideState Annotation that can be used on Component properties to indicate the property value should be exposed in the client and populated back from the client
KeepExpression Annotation that can be used on a Configurable field to specify any expressions configured for that field should not be picked up and processed as normal, but left as the property value to be handled by the component itself or some other process
ReferenceCopy Annotation for Component fields to indicate only the property reference should be made (as opposed to a new object) when doing a component copy
RequestParameter Annotation for View fields to indicate the field can be set by a parameter of the initial request

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