Package org.kuali.rice.krad.uif.view

Interface Summary
ViewAuthorizer Performs user based authorization for actions and components contained in a View
ViewModel Interface that must be implemented for clases the provide the backing data (model) for a View
ViewPresentationController Configured for a View instance to provide conditional authorization logic based on any variable (view configuration, system parameters, ...) that does not depend on the current user

Class Summary
DialogManager Manages the status of any modal dialogs that are used in the view.
DocumentView View type for KRAD documents
FormView Provides configuration for View instances that render an HTML form
History History class used to keep track of views visited so they can be displayed in the ui as breadcrumbs - both as homeward path and history path interpretations
HistoryEntry A simple object that keeps track of various HistoryInformation TODO a variety of these settings are not used in the current implementation of breadcrumbs and history, they may be removed later if they prove unuseful in future changes
InquiryView Type of View that provides a read-only display of a record of data (object instance)
LookupView View type for Maintenance documents
MaintenanceView View type for Maintenance documents
View Root of the component tree which encompasses a set of related GroupContainer instances tied together with a common page layout and navigation.
ViewAuthorizerBase Implementation of ViewAuthorizer that verifies authorization with KIM permission checks
ViewIndex Holds field indexes of a View instance for retrieval
ViewPresentationControllerBase Implementation of ViewPresentationController that implements no logic by default
ViewTheme Theme for the current view, currently just a list of stylesheets and js files, but has the potential for expansion in the future

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