Package org.kuali.rice.krad.uif.widget

Interface Summary
Helpable Interface for components that support help.
Widget Components that provide a user interface function (besides the basic form handing) should implement the widget interface

Class Summary
BlockUI BlockUI element is used within the view element for managing element/page blocking attributes
BreadCrumbs The breadcrumb widget contains various settings for setting up Breadcrumb/History support on the view
DatePicker Used for rendering a calendar in the UI that can be used to selected dates for field values
Disclosure Decorates a group with collapse/expand functionality
Growls Growls sets up settings for growls global to the current view and its pages
Help Widget that renders help on a component
Inquiry Widget for rendering an Inquiry link or DirectInquiry action field
LightBox Used for rendering a lightbox in the UI to display action links in dialog popups
QuickFinder Widget for navigating to a lookup from a field (called a quickfinder)
Reorderer Allows client-side reordering of the group contents
RichTable Decorates a HTML Table client side with various tools
Scrollpane Decorates a group with scroll functionality
Spinner Widget that decorates a control transforming into a spinner
Suggest Widget that provides dynamic select options to the user as they are entering the value (also known as auto-complete)
Tabs Widget used for configuring tab options, use componentOptions for most options.
Tooltip Widget that renders a Tooltip on a component
Tree Widget component for rendering a Tree
WidgetBase Base class for Widgets

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