Package org.kuali.rice.krad.web.controller

Class Summary
DocumentControllerBase Base controller class for all KRAD DocumentView screens working with Document models
IncidentReportController Handler for incident reports
InquiryController Controller for InquiryView screens which handle initial requests for the inquiry and actions coming from the inquiry view such as export
LookupController Controller that handles requests coming from a LookupView
MaintenanceDocumentController Controller for MaintenanceView screens which operate on MaintenanceDocument instances
ModuleLockedController This simple controller loads the module locked view when a user accesses a module which has been locked for maintenance.
ModuleLockingHandlerInterceptor TODO jawbenne don't forget to fill this in.
TransactionalDocumentController Controller for TransactionalView screens which operate on TransactionalDocument instances
UifAnnotationMethodHandleAdapter Overloaded in order to hook in the UIF Binder classes
UifClientListener Controller that receives various ajax requests from the client to manager server side state
UifControllerBase Base controller class for views within the KRAD User Interface Framework Provides common methods such as: Authorization methods such as method to call check Preparing the View instance and setup in the returned ModelAndView All subclass controller methods after processing should call one of the #getUIFModelAndView methods to setup the View and return the ModelAndView instance.
UifControllerHandlerInterceptor Spring controller intercepter for KRAD controllers
UifControllerHelper Provides helper methods that will be used during the request lifecycle

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