Package org.kuali.rice.krms.api.engine

Interface Summary
Engine An Engine executes using the given SelectionCriteria, @{link Facts}, and ExecutionOptions returning EngineResults
EngineResults Results of an Engine's execution
ExecutionEnvironment The ExecutionEnvironment manages contextual information which is made available to different components of the rules engine during execution.
ResultEvent Interface for defining ResultEvents
TermResolutionEngine Interface for the engine that is used to resolve Terms.
TermResolver<T> An TermResolver implementor is a utility class used for resolution (reification) of fact values for one or moreTerms.

Class Summary
ExecutionOptions The ExecutionOptions contain a set of options that can be passed to the KRMS engine to control certain aspects related to it's execution.
Facts Parameter object for the Engine used to pass in mappings from Term to value (aka facts).
Facts.Builder Builder for a Facts parameter object
SelectionCriteria SelectionCritera are used to to select an Agenda to execute.
Term Identifies a (hopefully) resolvable Term.

Enum Summary
ExecutionFlag Defines various possible flags that can be used to control how the rules engine executes and performs it's evaluation of rules.

Exception Summary
EngineResourceUnavailableException A runtime exception which indicates that some resource required during engine execution is unavailable.
IncompatibleTypeException An exception which indicates that the type of data being evaluated in the engine does not match the expected type.
TermResolutionException An Exception for TermResolver exceptions.

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