Package org.kuali.rice.krms.framework.engine

Interface Summary
Action An Action executes on a given ExecutionEnvironment
Agenda Interface for defining the execution and appliesTo of @{link ExecutionEnvironment}s for an Agenda.
AgendaTree Interface for defining the execute method with a ExecutionEnvironment for an AgendaTree.
AgendaTreeEntry Interface for defining the execute method with a ExecutionEnvironment for an AgendaTreeEnty.
Context The context represents the area(s) of an organization's activity where a rule applies and where the terms used to create the rule are defined and relevant.
ContextProvider Loads a Context for the given set of criteria.
Proposition Interface for logical propositions that may be executed in the Engine.
Rule A Rule evaluates a given ExecutionEnvironment, returning true if its conditions pass, false if they do not.

Class Summary
BasicAgenda An implementation of Agenda that executes over an AgendaTree.
BasicAgendaTree An implementation of AgendaTree that executes a ExecutionEnvironment over its list of AgendaTreeEntrys.
BasicAgendaTreeEntry A AgendaTreeEntry which executes its ifTrue AgendaTree if the given Rule result is true or its ifFalse AgendaTree if the result is false.
BasicContext An implementation of Context
BasicExecutionEnvironment An implementation of ExecutionEnvironment given SelectionCriteria, facts (Map<Term, Object> ), ExecutionOptions and TermResolutionEngine.
BasicRule A Rule that executes a Action when the Proposition is true.
ComparableTermBasedProposition<T> An implementation of Proposition which uses a ComparisonOperator and Term
CompoundProposition An implementation of Proposition which holds other Propositions and a LogicalOperator.
EngineResultsImpl An implementation of EngineResults using List<ResultEvent> for results and Map for attributes
FalseTriggeredRule A BasicRule that executes its Action when evaluation is false.
PropositionResult PropositionResults are returned by Proposition's evaluate method.
ProviderBasedEngine An implementation of Engine
ResultLogger A ResultLogger which invokes its listener's handleEvent method (passing in the ResultEvent) if the event's Environment is enabled.
SubAgenda A Rule which executes it's AgendaTree given a @{link ExecutionEnvironment}.
TermResolutionEngineImpl An implementation of TermResolutionEngine

Enum Summary
CollectionOperator Enumeration for simple collection operators used by CollectionOfComparablesTermBasedProposition.

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