Interface Summary
DigitalSigner Responsible for signing a message.

Class Summary
AbstractDigitalSigner An abstract implementation of a DigitalSigner which provides convienance utilities for storing a reference to the Signature and also generating and encoding the actual digital signature.
HttpClientHeaderDigitalSigner A DigitalSigner implementation which places the alias and digital signature into the request headers of the commons HttpClient's HttpMethod.
ResponseHeaderDigitalSigner A DigitalSinger which places the alias and digital signature into the response headers of an HttpServletResponse.
SignatureSigningOutputStream An OutputStream which decorates another OutputStream with a wrapper that digitally signs the data when the OutputStream is closed.
SignatureSigningResponseWrapper An HttpServletResponseWrapper which wraps the underlying response's OutputStream in a SignatureSingingOutputStream which will generate a digital signature for the outgoing message.
SignatureVerifyingInputStream An InputStream which decorates another InputStream with a wrapper that verifies the digital signature of the data after the last piece of data is read.
SignatureVerifyingRequestWrapper An HttpServletRequestWrapper which will wraps the underlying request's InputStream in a SignatureVerifyingInputStream which will verify the digital signature of the request after all of the data has been read from the input stream.

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