Package org.kuali.rice.test

Interface Summary
MethodAware Interface to be implemented by test cases that want to be informed of the Method being run.

Class Summary
BaselineTestCase Test case which supports common styles of "baselining" the test environment before/after running a unit test.
BaseModuleTestCase Base module test case that allows overriding of the test harness spring beans
BaseRiceTestCase A generic Rice Unit Test base class.
ClearDatabaseLifecycle Lifecycle class to clean up the database for use in testing.
CompositeBeanFactory Wraps a collection of bean factories delegating to the inner bean factories.
RiceInternalSuiteDataTestCase A TestCase superclass to be used internally by Rice for tests that need to load all of the Rice suite-level test data.
RiceTestCase Useful superclass for all Rice test cases.
TestHarnessServiceLocator Locator that sits on the testharness SpringContext.
ThreadMonitor Some tests will spawn threads which we want to wait for completion on before we move onto the next test.
TransactionalLifecycle A lifecycle for testing with database transactional rollback.

Enum Summary
BaselineTestCase.Mode Enum of "baselining" modes that this test case supports

Annotation Types Summary

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