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Packages that use ObjectLoader

Uses of ObjectLoader in org.kuali.rice.core.api.resourceloader

Subinterfaces of ObjectLoader in org.kuali.rice.core.api.resourceloader
 interface ResourceLoader
          A general purpose resource loader which fetches objects and services from the approriate source.

Classes in org.kuali.rice.core.api.resourceloader that implement ObjectLoader
 class ResourceLoaderContainer
          A ResourceLoader which acts as a container for other ResourceLoaders.

Uses of ObjectLoader in org.kuali.rice.core.framework.resourceloader

Classes in org.kuali.rice.core.framework.resourceloader that implement ObjectLoader
 class BaseResourceLoader
          A simple ResourceLoader implementation which will load objects from the specified classloader and also locate services in an optional ServiceLocator.
 class BeanFactoryResourceLoader
          Wraps a BeanFactory as a ResourceLoader.
 class SpringResourceLoader
          A simple ResourceLoader which wraps a Spring ConfigurableApplicationContext.

Uses of ObjectLoader in org.kuali.rice.core.impl.resourceloader

Classes in org.kuali.rice.core.impl.resourceloader that implement ObjectLoader
 class BaseWrappingResourceLoader
          A BaseResourceLoader implementation which wraps services with a Proxy that switches the current context ClassLoader of the Thread.
 class SpringBeanFactoryResourceLoader
          A ResourceLoader that is BeanFactoryAware and can be wired inside of Spring to provide resource loading capabilities to that Spring BeanFactory.

Uses of ObjectLoader in org.kuali.rice.kew.plugin

Subinterfaces of ObjectLoader in org.kuali.rice.kew.plugin
 interface PluginRegistry
          Maintains a registry of Plugins and allows for loading of resources from those plugins.

Classes in org.kuali.rice.kew.plugin that implement ObjectLoader
 class BasePluginRegistry
          A base class for PluginRegistry implementations.
 class Plugin
          A KEW Plugin.
 class ServerPluginRegistry
          A PluginRegistry implementation which loads plugins from the file system on the server.

Uses of ObjectLoader in org.kuali.rice.kew.resourceloader

Classes in org.kuali.rice.kew.resourceloader that implement ObjectLoader
 class CoreResourceLoader
          A resource loader which is responsible for loading resources from the Workflow ConfigContext.

Uses of ObjectLoader in org.kuali.rice.ksb.messaging.resourceloader

Classes in org.kuali.rice.ksb.messaging.resourceloader that implement ObjectLoader
 class ServiceBusResourceLoader
          A simple ResourceLoader implementation which delegates ServiceBusResourceLoader.getService(QName) calls to the ServiceBus.

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