Class SqlGeneratorSuffixableImpl

  extended by
      extended by org.kuali.rice.core.framework.persistence.ojb.SqlGeneratorSuffixableImpl
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public class SqlGeneratorSuffixableImpl

SqlGeneratorDefaultImpl subclass that replaced the vanilla SqlSelectStatement implementation with a new SuffixedSqlSelectStatement that is SuffixableQueryByCriteria - aware. This class needs to be specified as the SqlGenerator implementation in the OJB properties, to replace the SqlGeneratorDefaultImpl. This is a hack to introduce select-for-update functionality into OJB so the same ORM/Criteria abstractions can be retained for select-for-update queries. Select for update appears to have been added in the OJB source repository, so maybe a forthcoming release will include this functionality and these kludges can be removed.

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SqlGeneratorSuffixableImpl( platform)
Method Summary getPreparedSelectStatement( query, cld)
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public SqlGeneratorSuffixableImpl( platform)
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public getPreparedSelectStatement( query,
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getPreparedSelectStatement in interface
getPreparedSelectStatement in class

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