Package org.kuali.rice.core.framework.persistence.ojb

Class Summary
BaseOjbConfigurer Base Ojb Configurer implementation which configures OJB for a particular rice module.
ConfigurableSequenceManager A sequence manager implementation which can be configured at runtime via the KEW Configuration API.
DataAccessUtils Provides some simple utilities for working with data access exceptions.
JtaOjbConfigurer Utility bean that sets the JTA TransactionManager on the WorkflowTransactionManagerFactory, the OJB TransactionManagerFactory implementation that makes this available from Workflow core.
SqlGeneratorSuffixableImpl SqlGeneratorDefaultImpl subclass that replaced the vanilla SqlSelectStatement implementation with a new SuffixedSqlSelectStatement that is SuffixableQueryByCriteria - aware.
SuffixableQueryByCriteria QueryByCriteria subclass that introduces a suffix that the SqlGenerator should append onto the end of the generated sql statement.
SuffixedSqlSelectStatement A SqlSelectStatement sublclass that is aware of a special SuffixableQueryByCriteria Criteria class and will append a suffix specified by that class of criteria to the generated SQL statement.
TransactionManagerFactory An implementation of an OJB TransactionManagerFactory which provides access to Workflow's JTA UserTransaction.

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