Package org.kuali.rice.kew.docsearch

Interface Summary
CaseAwareSearchableAttributeValue SearchableAttributeValue that can validate ignoring case
DocumentSearchCriteriaEbo Defines an externalizable business object interface for workflow documents.
DocumentSearchCriteriaProcessor Used by the document search helper to produce rows to render for the document search screen.
DocumentSearchCustomizationMediator Handles communication between DocumentSearchCustomizationHandlerService endpoints in order to invoke document search customizations which might be hosted from various applications.
SearchableAttributeValue Model bean mapped to ojb that holds a single piece of searchable data for a document.

Class Summary
DocumentSearchCriteriaProcessorKEWAdapter This class adapts the RemotableAttributeField instances from the various attributes associated with a document type and combines with the "default" rows for the search, returning the final List of Row objects to render for the document search.
DocumentSearchCustomizationHandlerServiceImpl TODO...
DocumentSearchCustomizationMediatorImpl Reference implementation of DocumentSearchCustomizationMediator.
DocumentSearchInternalUtils Defines various utilities for internal use in the reference implementation of the document search functionality.

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